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She works the play of volume and fit very well," she affirms."She continues, "It was a statement-making piece, and a definite standout.For Rina Dhaka, the white Ralph and Russo sari-inspired gown that Sonam wore on Day 1, and the black Ralph and Russo evening gown that she wore to the Chopard party were the actress’s best looks this year. I quite like the futuristic fabric development that Rimzim Dadu has done. "There is no need to conform to other people’s expectations. She’s an ultra tall girl with a good figure and a good face — and she works that really well in her garment choices, especially in terms of volume. Dressing is all about experimenting with unconventional silhouettes. On the other hand, you know that you need to select cuts and styles that go with your body type, while giving you confidence. I think she has made some really cool choices and carried them off fairly well as well. It was a great example of something experimentally grand and yet very classic.Anupama Dayal agrees with Dhaka’s first choice and says that the white Ralph and Russo gown with the half cape was the show-stealer.

It was the right amount of drama and simplicity and elegance, and she looked absolutely stunning. More power to her," he concludes.As the world gushes and argues over Aishwarya Rai’s wardrobe at Cannes Film Festival this year, another Indian actress making a mark of her own on the red carpet is Sonam Kapoor. A few voices from the desi designer brigade pick out their favourite looks.Design guru Adarsh Gill agrees with both of them and adds, "This year at Cannes, Sonam’s choices have been quite dramatic but really well balanced with the minimalist make up. "It was a very bold and interesting choice. Sonam has a knack for knowing how to carry off very out-of-the-box, experimental looks. At an international event like Cannes, celebs go through a lot.. You China jacquard mattress fabrics Factory can’t really fault any of her style choices. Her style choices through the festival so far — an Anamika Khanna dress, a blue and black Rimzim Dadu sari, and three Ralph and Russo creations — have been receiving dazzling praise in Indian and international fashion circles alike. Experimentation is essential. She’s a wonderful model and is more confident now than ever. On the one hand, you want to express your personal style." For designer Rahul Mishra, Sonam’s sartorial choices are what fashion stands for. No jewellery and straight hair with just a little eye makeup worked very well for the whole look. "Although she looked fabulous in all the looks she donned, these two in particular would be my pick of the lot.

Made of molten wires, this sari looked like a complete piece of experimentation and reinvention. Both her white Ralph and Russo choices top my list. The one with the long cape had an old Balenciaga feel to it with added sophistication and elegance."For Nida Mahmood, on the other hand, it was the black and blue sculpted sari that stood out. The side-parted hair simply tied in a bun really completed the effect of the whole outfit and the Suhani Pittie jewellery made her look really edgy and cool," she says. I love the dramatic outfit and how the cape spread like a magnificent bird’s wings. She avers, "Sonam looked spectacular. My personal favourite was the Ralph and Russo white gown.

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